An Orthodox Wedding in Santorini is a beautiful experience as the island is full of picturesque and superb churches and small graphical cliffs. All them with the local architecture create an artistic landscape.Santorini has about 500 churches, but you must know that you can not get married to every church you like. Most of them are “not available” for a wedding ceremony as they are private.The Orthodox Wedding is full of Symbolism and totally different from other type of weddings.

The Sacrament or, more properly, Sacred Mystery of marriage is a union of the couple with the God that has already begun to work in their lives, is made open to the possibility of what God indented marriage to be from the beginning , an eternal life of joy in union with Him and enters at the same time in the God’s Kingdom.

The union of man and women in Christ is eternal as Christ has destroyed death by His Cross and Resurrection.

Follow we provide some of the most important and faithful part of the ceremony and their symbolism.

The Rite of Betrothal, in which rings are exchanged as a sign of commitment and devotion to one another.

The “Crowning”, in which crowns or wreaths (customs vary in each parish) are placed on or held above the heads of the bride and groom. This signifies that in marriage there is a certain amount of sacrifice, especially in the area of “give and take”. It also signifies that in a certain respect the bride and groom become the “king and queen” of their own “kingdom”, or family, which is an integral part of the Kingdom of God.

The sharing of a common cup of wine, which signifies that in marriage all things are shared equally.

The procession around the sacramental table, during which the priest leads the couple three times as they take their first steps together as husband and wife.

The removal of the crowns and the final blessing, in which all gathered wish the couple many years of blessings.

There are no “vows” in the Orthodox ritual, as found in other confessions.

If you have never been baptized, it is also best to ask us for all the information’s you need. Christians may be married in an Orthodox ceremony to a non-Orthodox Christian provided the non-Orthodox party had been baptized with water and “in the Name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit” . Orthodox Christians may not be married in an Orthodox ceremony to non-baptized individuals, however. Surely our team will be happy to explain what would be involved in Baptism and reception into the Church.

Please, ask everything you want for explanation and details.

“ We look forward to making your wedding day the most Wonderful moment of your life ”