1. We are coming at Santorini just for 6 hours with a cruise ship. Can we organize our wedding in such a limit hour ?
2. For a Symbolic Wedding do we need legal papers ?
3. How long in advance should we book a date for our wedding ?
4. Can we make our suggestions for the wedding as concerns the venue, the decoration, the reception or the music?
8. If we are only the bride and the groom, can we still get married ?
8. How many guests can we have ?
9. Can we make our entrance to the wedding venue with a donkey and musicians?
10. How long does the wedding ceremony last ?
11. Do we need to stay the next day after our wedding ?
12. Can you handle over the translation and authentication of our legal papers ?
13. What will happen if we can not manage to have our papers ready in time ?
14. How many days before the wedding must we send the legacies ?